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We are different from every other doggie day care in Orlando!

Our Playcamp Center

Our Doggie PlayCamp Center includes indoor and outdoor play zones, artificial turf and natural grass play areas, and multiple options for play in all types of weather and conditions. Playground dogs have access to fun puppy playground equipment in order to enhance their playtime experience.

Feel free to ask a Client Service Representative to schedule a tour of our beautiful Doggie PlayCamp Center!

Camp Counselors

People are important. Our Camp Counselors provide expert knowledge and care for your dog throughout the day so you will have the peace of mind of knowing they are safely enjoying their day. Our medical team is seconds away for your convenience and your dog's safety.

Your Dog's Camp Day

All campers undergo a thorough evaluation during their initial playtime session in order to determine if socialization with other dogs is recommended for their personality type. Dogs are also split into playtime groups depending on size, personality, and overall playfulness!

A typical day of playtime begins at arrival to the PlayCamp Center. Your dog goes out for a potty break and is then given relaxation time before beginning the first morning playtime session. This session is followed up with a treat break, followed by naptime. After the first nap, your dog then begins the lunchtime play session in the evening before they are picked up at the end of the day.

A typical day of playtime may vary from this example depending on the weather and the specific needs of your dog's play group.

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