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Behavior Consults

Behavior Consults

If your dog is affected by fear, anxiety, or is displaying other unwanted behaviors, we are here to help! Winter Park Vet is lucky to have Dr. Rebecca McIntosh, DVM on our team to help you with your dog’s training and behavioral issues. Dr. McIntosh is fear free certified as well as being a certified low-stress handler. She is a recommended behaviorist by Florida Force-Free and has a special interest in animal behavior including dogs and cats of all ages.

With adult pets, it’s always important to rule out a physical reason for behavior issues, and Dr. McIntosh can assist you in determining the cause, as well as finding a solution for the problem. Her approach involves a thorough review of behavioral history, observation and evaluation of behaviors during consult, and a physical examination. She is also able to offer insightful training advice, behavior modification and other alternatives if the issue isn’t medical.

Behavior FAQ’s

Do I have to be a patient at Winter Park Veterinary Hospital?
Yes! A thorough physical exam is included in the initial behavior consult. It is vital to know and address your pet’s health status as a window into their presenting behavioral issues.

Does my pet need vaccines?
Yes! For the safety of our team your pet needs to be fully vaccinated before the behavior consult.

Why do I need to fill out my form prior to the consult?
We want to maximize the value in our behavior consultation. By getting Dr McIntosh all the information requested on the behavioral consultation form she can have better understanding of you and your pets needs and cater the consult directly to solving your issues, not researching the problem.

Where is the Wellness Center?
Most of our consultations take place at the Wellness Center. This is a smaller building next to our main hospital at 1613 Lee Rd. We have a gated outdoor area and very comfortable indoor exam rooms for total flexibility during the consult. The Wellness Center is designed to be a relaxing and calming environment so maximize your consults efficacy.

What is Forcefree Training?
The best definition come directly from the Forcefree website.

Build The Bond. Do No Harm.

The Central Florida Force-Free Veterinary Behavior & Trainers Network’s mission is to first and foremost DO NO HARM to the animals we have been entrusted with educating. To teach, guide, and coach their caregivers so they can take ownership of their animals’ education, and to do so through interactions based on rewards, respect for their animals’ needs, mutual trust, and love.

For more information and to see Dr. McIntosh’s profile please visit https://www.forcefreeflorida.com.

Services Provided:

  • Choosing the right Pet for your Family
  • Fears and Phobias
  • Inappropriate Elimination
  • Aggression Issues
  • General Behavior Issues
  • Enrichment
  • Compulsive Disorders