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Providing proper medical care for birds, reptiles and other exotic pets requires specialized training and skills. Birds and exotic pets are unique animals and require advanced knowledge in their structure, function and diseases for proper treatment. Winter Park Veterinary Hospital has the specialized expertise, trained staff and equipment to provide high quality medical care and treatment to all our feathered and scaly family members. Our avian and exotics services include:

Annual Examinations are Important for Birds and Exotic Pets

All birds and exotic pets need to be seen annually for a wellness exam, and we tailor our wellness exams to meet their health needs. The best treatment for any disorder is to catch it early, before your bird or exotic pet is showing any signs of illness. An annual exam gives us the opportunity to ensure that your bird or exotic pet is healthy and have baseline records and baseline blood values for future reference in the event that your pet is ever sick. An annual exam gives you one-on-one time with us so we can answer all of your health and behavior questions. We can offer many solutions concerning behavior, environment and tips to enrich your pet's life using food, toys and other items.

During your pet's annual exam, our veterinarian may recommend additional testing for your pet. This may be a result of finding an abnormality during the exam or because it is the first time the pet has been to see a veterinarian. There are several reasons we may recommend additional testing:

We have Specialized Equipment to Treat Your Bird or Exotic Pet

Winter Park Veterinary Hospital is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment so that we may offer the very best care for your pet, including digital x-ray equipment, blood chemistry analyzer and ultrasound equipment.

Specialized Hospitalization

If hospitalization is required for your pet, we always have two dedicated veterinary technicians available during office hours to monitor our patients and administer their required treatments promptly and effectively. Birds are maintained in separate specially equipped wards to minimize stress. In addition, we have multiple oxygenized incubators to maintain body temperature while increasing the level of oxygen they receive during this important healing times. their stay.


This is an easy procedure that can be done in-office without anesthesia. Microchipping is the safest permanent identification. Leg bands are dangerous and can be life-threatening if entangled. For more information about microchipping, please click on the microchipping page under “general medicine”.

Bringing your Bird to Winter Park Veterinary Hospital

We recognize that coming to the hospital can be a stressful experience for any pet, particularly our bird patients. We are very sensitive to this fact and do whatever we can to limit this stress. Your bird may be more comfortable in a quiet, dark place for traveling, so talk to us about the appropriate carrier for your size and type of bird. If possible, acclimate your bird to his bird carrier prior to your visit with us.

Birds are Masters at Hiding Signs of illness

Since birds are very good at hiding their signs of illness, an annual checkup is a good way to screen for problems we can’t see. To keep your bird healthy, you need to know when they are sick so you can call us to get the medical care your bird may need. If your bird exhibits signs of illness, please call us right away; it probably is an emergency situation for your pet. Learn to recognize a sick pet—it is common for the first signs go unnoticed. This is best done back actively educating yourself as to what a “healthy bird” looks and sounds like. Usually the first signs of sickness include:

Serious signs of Illness

Please call us immediately if your bird is exhibiting any of these symptoms:

Our veterinarians and staff are highly skilled at treating and caring for many types of pets and are pleased to be able to offer care, behavioral advice and guidance. Please give us a call today to set up an appointment for your special pet.

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