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Second Opinions

Second Opinions

Would you like to speak with another veterinarian about your pet’s health or diagnosis?  The veterinarians at Winter Park Veterinary Hospital are experienced and qualified to offer you and your pet a second opinion about their health, diagnosis or treatment plan.  Some veterinarians are more conservative while others are more aggressive in their treatment.  Maybe you would like to discuss an alternative medication or other treatment options for your pet.  For these reasons, Winter Park Veterinary Hospital offers second opinions.  There are many benefits to getting a second opinion for your pet, including the peace of mind that you have the best diagnosis and treatment plan for your pet, a new treatment plan or a new diagnosis and treatment plan.

Even if your second opinion confirms what you already know, it can still be beneficial. Afterward, you will know that you have done everything you can for your beloved pet to ensure that you have the correct diagnosis and a treatment plan that best fits you and your family.  A second opinion can also offer insight into additional treatment options that the first veterinarian may not have mentioned. As a result, you become more informed about what is available to your pet and can make an educated decision about your pet’s health care and your treatment plan.

When to Ask For a Second Opinion?

If your intuition if it tells you something is off with your pet.  Especially if your veterinarian tells you everything is fine with your pet, but you know his or her behavior is “off”.  Trust your gut and gather more information. Ask questions about your pet’s prescriptions. Meet with one of our veterinarians. No one should ever feel like they must follow their veterinarian’s advice without asking questions and gathering more information from us.

If your pet has undergone treatment but symptoms continue.  No one knows your pet like you do, and if your pet’s symptoms persist even after treatment, call us for a second opinion. 

If you are uncomfortable with or do not understand the need for parts of the treatment plan.  If the recommended treatment is risky, involves surgery, is invasive or has lifelong consequences, it is wise to consult us for a second opinion to explore your pet’s other options.  Many times, people feel that if a veterinarian suggests a procedure, they must agree to it. But remember there may be as good medical options available for your pet. 

If your pet is diagnosed with cancer.  Humans get a second opinion if you they are diagnosed with cancer to learn of the best available options. With something as serious as cancer, having the input from another expert simply makes sense. Not only can a cancer diagnosis be confusing and overwhelming, but it also is a life-changing event. It is important to be as informed as possible about your pet’s prognosis and the possible treatment options available to your pet.

Call us today to schedule a second opinion for your beloved pet.