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Kitten Wellness Care

Kitten Care

Help your new addition put his/her “best paw forward” with Winter Park’s exceptional Kitten care!

Congratulations on the addition of your new family member! At Winter Park Veterinary Hospital, we look forward to welcoming your new kitten into our family as well!

We enjoy assisting our clients and their families as they guide their new kittens along the exciting journey to exceptional health and lifelong happiness! Our veterinarians at Winter Park Veterinary Hospital have designed detailed kitten care programs that both includes thorough evaluations and provides pet owners with the guidance and information they will need as their new family members develop.

Bringing Your New Kitten Home

When you pick up your kitten, remember to ask what and when he or she was fed. Replicate that schedule until your first kitten visit with us. We will discuss your kitten’s breed, anticipated lifestyle and nutritional needs with you during your first kitten visit.

You may have to kitten-proof the area where he or she will spend most of his or her time the first few months. Ask us for kitten-proofing ideas. Once you think you’ve completely kitten-proofed, lie on the floor and look around once more to get a kitten’s-eye view. If you have children, please remind them not to overwhelm the kitten the first day.

Your Kitten’s First Wellness Exam

When you bring your kitten home, please schedule an appointment with one of our veterinarians for your kitten’s first wellness exam. This initial visit’s exam includes a thorough “nose-to-tail” physical evaluation, and allows for us to establish an individualized preventative veterinary care program for your kitten going forward.

Your Kitten’s first wellness exam includes the following beneficial components:

  • An extensive physical examination
  • A detailed discussion of the necessary vaccinations your kitten needs to begin his healthy, long life
  • Diagnostic testing for internal parasites and parasite control medication as needed
  • Heartworm preventative
  • The familiarization of your new kitten with his/her veterinarian and our staff here at Winter Park Veterinary Hospital, as well as the encouragement of your pet’s comfort level with veterinarian visits
  • The opportunity for us at Winter Park Veterinary Hospital to establish a relationship with you and your new kitten, as well as fully understand your expectations as a client and a pet owner
  • A general discussion about your new kitten’s breed, age, known past medical history, home environment, behaviors, and activity level
  • The time to address all of your questions and/or concerns about Kitten and Kitten care in general

Scheduling your kitten’s first wellness exam will set the foundation for your beloved new addition’s long-term health, as well as establish a beneficial routine for future wellness visits. The first few visits will allow our veterinarians to complete your kitten’s initial vaccination series, dispense heartworm medication, and monitor any developing medical or behavioral conditions.

When visiting with your new kitten for the first time, please bring the following with you:

  • Your kitten in a top open carrier
  • Any prior health records that you received when you brought your kitten home, such as history of vaccines, deworming, neutering, past medical history, etc.

If you any questions about your kitten, please give us a call. We are here to help. Contact us to schedule a kitten wellness exam for your kitten.