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Pet Boarding

Pet Boarding

Winter Park Veterinary Hospital Pet Boarding

Board your pet with Winter Park Veterinary Hospital! Our veterinary hospital provides luxurious boarding accommodations for dogs, cats, rabbits, birds, exotic pets and small mammals. Highlights of our pet boarding facility include:

Dog Boarding: dog boarding areas that are 15 – 40 sq. ft. providing your dog lots of room to stretch and relax. We have 3 large walking and play areas and your dog will get 3 walks a day with time to run and play. They will get tender loving care from our expert team, too!

Cat Boarding: A separate area just for cat boarding. This specialized feline friendly boarding area provides a calm and quiet area away from the activity of our animal hospital. This area is free from any barking dogs or loud noises.

Rabbit, Bird, Exotic Pet and Small Mammal Boarding: These special pets require personalized care while boarding. Our highly trained team is capable of monitoring their health on an hour by hour basis, and only our highly skilled veterinary technician teams take care of all of our rabbit, bird, exotic pet and small mammal boarders.

We are conveniently located in Winter Park outside of Orlando and provide pet boarding services 365 days a year. Our luxury pet boarding facilities provide a great option to people that want to leave their pets with Winter Park Veterinary Hospital while they are away. We work together to ensure your pet’s safety and well-being is always a priority. We have strict boarding requirements to ensure a healthy environment for all our pet boarding guests. In addition, for your peace of mind your pet stays in our veterinary hospital so our highly skilled veterinary teams are always a few feet away.