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Avian Welcome Letter


Avian Welcome Letter

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Dear Fellow Bird Lover,

Our mission is to provide you with excellent, comprehensive veterinary services.  We offer an increasing array of preventive services because these services help your pet to lead a healthier life and avoid many of the serious illnesses that can be devastating and costly to treat. Preventive services are critical for birds in that birds hide signs of illness until it is sometimes too late to save them.  Bird owners frequently tell us their bird was fine one day and very sick the next day.  In reality, their bird was probably sick for a long time.

We strongly recommend that your bird(s) have a comprehensive physical exam every year.  This exam, along with suggested laboratory testing, will allow us to evaluate the health of your bird’s body systems as well as share pertinent information on diet, behavior, husbandry and other issues related to your bird’s health.  These evaluation results will help us to identify and potentially correct your bird’s problems before they become serious and possibly fatal.

Vaccines have played an important part in human as well as animal health.  There is currently a vaccine available for Polyomavirus, a virus that is very similar to Parvo in dogs.  Though discussion continues among avian veterinarians and researchers, the vaccine is being used by many to help protect the individual bird as well as the population as a whole.

We encourage you to plan for a comprehensive physical exam for your bird every year.  We can provide you with a reminder as the time for this annual visit approaches. Thank you for choosing Winter Park Veterinary Hospital to provide veterinary services for your family.


Robert E. Hess, Jr., D.V.M.