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Bird Toy Safety

Download this Pet Care Guide – PDF

Toys turn a house into a home. They bring fun and exercise into a bird’s environment and help minimize boredom. In the wild, parrots spend their entire day finding food, choosing mates, raising young, and avoiding predators. Today’s companion parrot doesn’t do any of these things, and has everything done for him instead. It is no great surprise that bored and/or ignored parrots develop self-destructive and bad behavior, biting, screaming incessantly.

Always practice safe toy habits:

  1. Toys should always be checked daily.
  • Supervise your bird playing with toys.
  • Birds are inquisitive by nature and love to undo quick links. Please ensure quick links ate fastened securely. (For the Houdini of birds, please fasten quick links with a set of pliers.)
  • Clip back any rope fraying. Only natural cotton fibers are used to process Supreme Cotton Rope™. After the cotton is separated from the seeds and other plant debris, the cotton fibers are delivered directly to our manufacturer. Here, the loose fibers are meticulously pulled together by their machines into 3-strand twisted rope. Unlike other cotton rope, when you pinch off fibers from the ends or shaft you get “puff’s” of cotton instead of floss-like threads.
  • Always exercise caution when introducing any new products.
  • It is a good practice to sit with your pet bird when introducing a new toy.
  • If they are fearful or unsure of new toys, introduce the new item in gradual stages.
  • Rotate your bird’s toys every other week. This provides variety in your bird’s environment and aids in helping your bird to readily accept change. Monitor your bird with any new toy; ensure they are chewing and not ingesting the toy parts! A parrot’s job is to chew and destroy. Destroyed toys should be removed immediately from the cage/play area. Remember, a demolished toy is a toy WELL DONE!
  • Learn to recognize your bird’s preferences and purchase a toy suitable for your bird’s individual needs. Some birds may be intimidated by larger toys, so consider purchasing a toy smaller in size to accommodate your bird’s habits. There are some special birds that are extraordinarily destructive. For these birds, select larger toys that are sized appropriately.

Toys – A Necessity, NOT an Optional Extra