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New Year’s Resolutions for Your Pet Family

Winter Park Veterinary Hospital

In 2023, we resolve to continue providing the very best in care and service to Winter Park and Orlando area pets and their parents. Winter Park Vet wishes you and your family (including all pet members) a very happy and healthy New Year!


Health resolutions are among the most popular commitments people make to themselves each January 1st— things like eating better, losing weight and getting more sleep. We know how much you love your pet, so keep their wellness in mind as you ring in 2023 with these 10 pet health resolutions.


  1. Spend more time exercising, together. It’s good for your health as well as theirs. Whether it’s a swim (probably dogs only!), a brisk walk, a fun game of fetch or some vigorous play with a feather toy, pets can benefit tremendously from regular physical activity. Your vet can advise you on appropriate exercise depending on your pet’s age and physical condition.


  1. Stay up-to-date on routine veterinary care. Vaccines and wellness exams are an important part of maintaining your pet’s good health. Come in annually or on whatever schedule your veterinarian recommends to monitor for any changes. With regular visits to WPVH, we’ll be able to provide the best chance of preventing any issues from becoming more serious.


  1. Ensure your pet is on a healthy, nutritious diet. Ask one of our knowledgeable vets for dietary recommendations depending on your pet’s age and health status. Refrain from giving too many treats — especially “people” treats, as some human food (such as grapes or certain artificial sweeteners) can be toxic to pets.


  1. Engage in regular play time. Play can relieve stress for pets and pet parents alike, and it can help prevent behavioral problems due to boredom. Some forms of play can serve double-duty as exercise — such as a frisbee chasing for dogs or catch the laser for cats. But any type of activity that engages and entertains your pet is beneficial to their emotional well-being. Doggie Playcamp at Winter Park Vet is an excellent option for our canine patients.


  1. Deal with behavioral issues before they escalate. Be watchful for food-guarding, possessiveness and especially anxiety or aggression, which can eventually lead to biting and injury. Don’t wait for problems to escalate before you seek help. Speak to your vet if you notice any concerning behavioral changes.


  1. Protect your pet from fleas and ticks. Both are big problems in Florida that can also carry big health consequences. Fleas and ticks are not only uncomfortable for your pet — they can also pass diseases to them. And infected pets can bring a problem into the home. We can recommend convenient treatments to fight fleas and terminate ticks.


  1. Maintain your pet’s healthy weight. Just like people, pets can experience health problems if they’re overweight. Extra pounds can strain joints and cause mobility issues, hurt cardiovascular health or lead to diabetes. We’ll evaluate your pet and advise on a proper diet and feeding schedule to promote a healthy weight.


  1. Pay attention to your pet’s mental health. Changes in a pet’s daily routine can sometimes be difficult for them to adjust to — such as if you’ve recently had to return to on-site work. Look for any behavioral signs of stress or depression (e.g., loss of interest in play or decreased appetite), and bring up any concerns with your vet if these behaviors don’t improve right away.


  1. Maintain good grooming habits. Pets’ skin, coat and nails all benefit from routine care and attention. Many pets enjoy being groomed, especially if you start with a soft, gentle brush. Some even love a bath. It can also be an enjoyable bonding time for you and your pet. WPVH can assist with special maintenance needs.


Practice mindfulness together. Make the most of every day spent with your pet. Be fully present with your companion every day that you have the privilege to share with them.

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