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The Gifts Pets Give Us

Winter Park Veterinary Hospital

Whether they arrive at your doorstep as puppies, kittens or seniors, pets wiggle their way into our hearts. They become more and more a part of our lives as we learn that favorite spot they like to be scratched, play endless games of hide-and-seek and share those little daily moments and routines that will forever make them yours — and you theirs.


During this holiday season as we reflect on all the gifts in our lives, let’s remember the special gifts our pets give us every day — gifts that can’t be purchased in any store but are priceless, nevertheless.


The gift of laughter. Whether they “sing” along with you while your favorite song is playing, treat their water bowl like a personal spa or perform a special happy dance for their favorite treat — you know that nothing makes you laugh as much as your pet.

The gift of health. From lowering blood pressure to enhancing emotional well-being, pets offer numerous health benefits. Plus, the regular activities you engage in with your pets — the long walks and energetic play sessions — can help keep both of you healthy.


The gift of being present. Pets don’t know anything other than living fully within every moment. It’s a lesson many of us could use these days. Just being with you is always enough for them. And does life really get any better than that?


The gift of joy. Pets exist in a perpetual joyful state — not just on holidays, but every day. Their content purring and gleeful tail wagging remind us how important and how easy it can be to find happiness in our own skin, no matter what we’re doing. In a world where sadness and loneliness are all too common, the love of a pet is the antidote many of us need.


The gift of unconditional love. You don’t need a fancy car, nice clothes or lots of money to be the apple of your pet’s eye. They forgive your occasional impatience and mistakes — and still love you just the way you are. Pets can teach us a lot in that regard.


With all these wonderful gifts pets give us, you may feel compelled to add Fido to your holiday shopping list. Did you know that, according to the 2021-2022 APPA National Pet Owners Survey, nearly 80% of dog owners purchased a gift for their furry friend? And while there’s nothing wrong with a new bone or ball under the tree, the best gift you can give you pet is your time — time for snuggles, a game of fetch or a long car ride. And of course, you can take the time to ensure they stay healthy with regular veterinary care. At Winter Park Vet, we always treat your pets like the precious gifts they are.


Everyone at Winter Park Vet wishes you and your pets a very Meowy Christmas and a Dog-gone Happy New Year!





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