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Brushing Your Cat’s Teeth


Brushing Your Cat’s Teeth

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Step 1
Get your cat used to you handling the mouth by gently putting your finger under the gum. Do this briefly at first, and then work up to several seconds of handling. Give praise and a special treat as a reward for holding still. Get your cat used to each step before proceeding to the next step.
Step 2
Wrap a piece of gauze around your fingertip and rub your covered finger against the upper teeth. Some cats will tolerate this better than actual teeth brushing. Even doing this step without toothpaste or a toothbrush helps remove disease-causing plaque.
Step 3
Some cats will allow you to use a cat finger brush or a cat toothbrush in place of the gauze. Don’t forget to brush the back teeth.  You may need to do the back teeth by feel rather than trying to see the teeth. We can supply you with a style of toothbrush to match your needs.
Step 4
Add CET toothpaste or antibacterial gel to the gauze or toothbrush. If your cat does not like the above products, use plain gauze or a plain toothbrush.  The abrasive action alone is helpful. If your cat does not like the gauze or brush, apply the gel or toothpaste with your finger.
  • Brush the teeth in the same room at the same time every day just before feeding.
  • 5 SECONDS PET DAY is all that is needed.
  • Only brush the upper teeth on the outside of the teeth.
  • CET Chews and Greenies are chewable treats that help remove plaque.
  • Every cat is different: Use gauze, a toothbrush, toothpaste, and antibacterial gel to find out what your cat likes the best.  We can supply you with these different dental products.
  • Start at a young age for maximum cooperation.