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Healthier, Safer: Indoors


Healthier, Safer: Indoors

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Cats face less risk of injury and disease if they remain inside, where they also can’t harm birds and other wildlife. Kittens kept indoors from the start are very happy to remain there. Older cats can also be brought indoors if you follow a few steps to make the transition easier. Here are five tips that can help.

Tip 1.
Begin the process gradually. Substitute play time for outdoors time. Give your cat lots of attention, and feed your cat exclusively indoors.

Tip 2.
Choose the right time of year to begin the transition. In colder climates, winter is better than summer.

Tip 3.
Provide new toys, scratching posts, cat condos, and grass for grazing. Keep the litter pan clean.

Tip 4.
Provide a screened porch or outdoor enclosure so your can can safely enjoy the outdoors.

Tip 5.
Train your cat to go outside on a harness and leash on a regular basis.

Remember, indoor cats are safe cats.