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Dog Boarding

Dog Boarding

Dog Boarding at winter park veterinary hospital

To make a reservation: Call (407) 644-2676 or E-mail us at wpvhboarding@gmail.com

*Camping Reservations for major holidays require a 50% deposit upon booking. Major holidays include Easter, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s. Holiday Rates apply*

When you arrive to our state of the art camping grounds, you will be greeted by one of our friendly camp counselors. They will get your camper checked in for their fun filled stay in one of our spacious campsites. Your camper can look forward to a buffet of activity options including treats, playing with other campers, story time, and a soothing massage by the campfire. These are available with our specialized A’ La’ Bark services.

Canine Campers

Our camping sites are temperature controlled and a spacious 15-40 sq. ft providing your camper with ample room to stretch and relax.

  • Bungalows (for 1-20lbs campers): Provides comfortable accommodations for your camper to snuggle into and remain relaxed throughout their stay.
  • Cottages (for 21lbs-59lbs campers): Our most popular option provides that classic camping experience. Cozy cots and plush blankets are available for maximum comfort. We also have Twin Cottages available for multiple camper households!
  • Cabins (for 60lbs and up campers): Luxury focused, campers experience it all with these extra large camping sites.

*Camping site upgrades available*

We have multiple playground areas in which your camper will receive 3 off leash exploring times a day. More outside 1-on-1 time is available as an extra amenity.

Download our Canine Camping Packages here!

What to bring with you:

Food — A sufficient amount of your camper’s food for the duration of their camping trip with feeding instructions. If food is not provided, we provide our canine campers with Hill’s® Science Diet® Adult Sensitive Stomach & Skin Dog Food. If your camper has any food allergies, you may purchase the appropriate food located in our lobby.

Medication – If your camper is receiving medication administration during their trip, please provide a sufficient amount of medication for the duration of their camping trip with instructions. One of our hospital technicians will meet with you upon drop off to review. Please let them know if you are in need of any refills.

Bedding/Bowls/Toys – Our camping site provides multiple bedding options, bowl assortments, and play toys for our campers. You are more than welcome to bring small items with their name on it that would make your camper feel more at home. *Please no deer antlers, rawhide, nor other hard chew toys.*

Making an Overnight Camping Reservation

Call – (407) 644-2676 or E-mail us at wpvhboarding@gmail.com

Download and fill out our Boarding Form here!

As a full service veterinary hospital your camper will be safe under the watchful eye of our camp counselors and medical team that are dedicated to their health and well-being. There is always a risk while boarding like potential nervous tummy’s and upper respiratory issues like doggy colds that can and will happen despite our strict cleaning and safety protocols. As a full service veterinary hospital we can provide immediate treatment and care for your pets during their stay.