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Our Gentle Pet Approach Is Good Medicine

Winter Park Veterinary Hospital

Taking a trip to the vet, whether it’s for treatment or just a routine checkup, can sometimes be stressful — for pets and pet parents alike. New places, unfamiliar smells and the presence of other animals might be unsettling for your companion. And they can become even more nervous if they sense any uneasiness in you.


We believe that when pets feel safe and secure, it allows for more effective care and can lead to happier, healthier pets — and better treatment outcomes. That’s why at Winter Park Vet, we have at the core of our practice a commitment to empathy and a Gentle Pet Approach (GPA) to care.


Fear Not, We’re Fear Free Certified

As a Fear Free certified practice, we take the emotional health of your pet to heart, and we build this focus into every aspect of our veterinary care. The Fear Free certification ensures that our practitioners take steps whenever possible to reduce stress and discomfort while your pets are with us. From our demeanor and tone to the way we handle your pet, the Fear Free approach means we prioritize your companion’s emotional well-being as well as their physical health.


And in doing so, we find that we get better results. Relaxed, happy animals tend to react better to treatment and allow for more accurate diagnostics. But our commitment to minimizing stress isn’t just for pets — we also do our best to maintain a calm and supportive atmosphere for pet parents while you’re here.


Compassion Is at Our Core

We build our approach and protocols around your pet’s perspective. Our treatment facilities are designed to be comfortable for your companion — GPA sees the veterinary experience through their eyes and incorporates ways to make it more pleasant. Above all, we’re patient with our patients. We understand that every pet is unique and may respond differently to their experience at the vet. With each patient, we can tailor our approach to their needs. From avoiding bright lights and loud sounds to allowing extra time for snuggles and reassurance, we take special care to put our patients at ease.


A Part of the Winter Park Vet Family

At Winter Park Vet, we invest time in building a positive and trusting relationship with pets and pet parents. As animal lovers ourselves, we know that the bond you share with your pet is a special and unique one — and we try to honor that bond with every interaction.


We feel privileged to be entrusted with your pet’s care and will always strive to be your vet for life.

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