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Dry Food vs. Canned Food


Dry Food vs. Canned Food Which is Really Better?

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Economy and convenience have made dry food the most popular product to feed to pet cats. But is what’s good for us also good for our cats?

Cats are better hydrated when eating canned food because their total free water (food+drink sources) intake is higher.

Cats on dry food have to drink 7oz of water per day as compared to 1oz per day on canned food. This can be difficult because cats did not evolve to be big drinkers. However, urine volume of cats on dry food is half the urine volume when on canned.

Urine concentration is higher in cats eating dry versus canned food. This higher urine concentration and lower urine volume predisposes cats to bladder crystals and stones.

Canned food allows the use of higher quality proteins so there is less waste for the kidneys to filter.

The inclusion of high levels of cereal grains commonly found in dry cat foods has been shown to be a contributing factor in the development of struvite urolithiasis by producing alkaline urine.

The teeth of the cat are designed for grasping, puncturing, and tearing (cutting), rather than for true chewing. Thus the dental benefits of feeding dry food are grossly overrated.