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Avian Boarding

Avian Campers

Our avian camping sites are temperature controlled and a spacious cage will provide your bird with ample room to stretch and relax.  Every bird that boards with us is given special attention, as each day our boarders are weighed, and notes are recorded on behavior and appetite. 

Currently due to a very high demand for our overnight boarding services it is only available for established WPVH clients. If you meet all of our health and vaccines requirements and wish to become an established client with our vet hospital, please call and ask our Client Service Team for more information.

Health requirements for our overnight campers

Healthy and safe pets are our TOP PRIORITY.

To ensure a safe environment, all pets that come to stay with us require a yearly physical exam with one of our doctors to establish them as patients of our practice and make our medical team aware of any potential health concerns. Avians also will require the following preventive services to keep everyone healthy and happy

  • Yearly Physical Examination with a WPVH Veterinarian
  • Annual Fecal Examination

We are more than happy to accept records for fecal exams from other veterinary practices. A physical exam from another veterinary practice does not qualify.

Upon making your reservation for overnight boarding be sure to provide the documentation of records or information for our Client Service Representatives to obtain the records on your behalf.


What to bring with you:

Food — A sufficient amount of your bird’s food for the duration of their stay with feeding instructions.

Medication – If your bird is receiving medication administration during their stay, please provide a sufficient amount of medication for the duration of stay with instructions. One of our hospital technicians will meet with you upon drop off to review. Please let them know if you are in need of any refills.

Bedding/Bowls/Toys – You are more than welcome to bring small items with their name on it that would make your bird feel more at home. 

Making an Overnight Boarding Reservation

Call – (407) 644-2676 or E-mail us at wpvhboarding@gmail.com

As a full service veterinary hospital your bird will be safe under the watchful eye of our technicians and medical team that are dedicated to their health and well-being. As a full service veterinary hospital with experience in treating birds, we can provide immediate treatment and care for your birds during their stay should they need medical care or assistance.

*Overnight Reservations for major holidays require a 50% deposit upon booking. Major holidays include Easter, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s. Holiday Rates apply*